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Drupal Development Checklist For Creating Error Free Website

Soon after the website development is completed, a developer should cross check the work done over the website after the development. Because before your Drupal website goes live, the developer check for any errors if there exists any and should fix accordingly. That’s really necessary to find the problems and fix them before the launching of your website. It can save some anonymous headaches and degradation.

You will find here a checklist containing some necessary precaution or cross-checking parameters to be done just to make sure your website is free of certain errors. When you have done with all error-free checking of your website, you will relax knowing that your website is perfectly ready to go live for your customers. Ask your Drupal web development services to follow the website development checklist pre-launching the website:

Admin Account

While developing a Drupal page, you require using an admin account. You just need to get this account full secured before launching your website. Because the results would be great distressing if the hackers got a hold of this account. Confidently, when you initially began building your website, you changed name your admin account. The use of a name would do much better that would be tough to guess from the hacker’s point of view. Apparently, the password to this main account should be really tough to guess as well. You have the option to install the AES module for additional security. Another main thing is to disable the PHP error reporting of the website just for security measures. By setting the option to send errors to the log, will help you keep them from displaying.

Error - 404

Missing pages of the website should also be taken great care of. Drupal has got an automatic way of dealing with the missing pages that generate the error 404 where there is no block configured. You also got the option to try the modules for Search 404. The module attempts to guess what a user is considering for by searching terms from the real URL. This is surely an easy task that marks a real difference.


While working with Drupal website, there are several sorts of modules that you will be employed according to the needs of your website. These are simply specific fundamental things to check that will apply to many websites. Still, you got to evaluate whether entire Drupal checklist items are relevant to your website and providing great assistance all the way.

File Permissions

Checking with all the necessary file permission is also save you from a great many future difficulties that you have appropriately organized the security permissions on your file permissions. The settings.php file should be safe to protect the website information of the database connections.

Website Security

Checking the website security is the primary and necessary task on the Drupal checklist because it is really very important. Of course, you wish to rest stress-free knowing that the website is completely secured after it is being launched. Even, you also need your entire users to have composure knowing that their information is highly safe on your website. Cross-checking security of your website will make sure that nothing is missing from your website development and it is perfectly secured from vulnerable to hackers.

Installation of Necessary Plugins

You must also cross-check whether all the necessary plugins are installed or not. If there remains any plugin you have the option to install now while cross-checking. This will boost your traffic to your website after you have launched it. Some modules are broadly measured as must-have SEO modules containing XML Sitemap, Meta tag, Pathauto, and Redirect etc.

Disable Unnecessary Modules

While cross-checking, you will confront some unnecessary modules which need to be disabled as those are not worthy of your website. So, removing all the unnecessary modules you know that are not required will help you a lot with the startup time of your website. The Boost module must require uninstalling so as to website works properly. This module is usually avoidable and can hinder with Varnish caching. Server-side statistics module should also be disabled because Google Analytics can be used for your required website statistics. You can also remove the Devel’s module which is something really not required in production. The Database logging core module is also one you could think to replace with the Syslog core module as it is capable of storing the logs much faster and accurately.

Server Configuration

You also got to recheck the server configuration and upload sizes of your website. This will allow the users to upload huge MP3 and MP4 files from your website. This can be enabled from your server to upload to a definite size. One more thing is to double check the email recipients which many developers forgot to do so. Therefore, it is suggested to make sure that all forms and modules are being sent to the right email addresses.

Website Content

You should also make sure all your website date including all pages and product category pages content is displaying accurately for the customers. This will support you a lot to tell about your business and your provided products.

RSS Feed

Your RSS Feed is normally generated automatically in Drupal website only. All your new content published will surely go to the front page automatically of your feed. Suppose, if you are looking to control over your RSS feed, you have the option to use the Views RSS module. It will help you out if you are not willing to include something in the feed, you can simply deny access to rss.xml.

Website Caching

You should also check that your website is fully configured for caching. Get your website completely optimized for caching as the performance speed a great deal for the goodness of your website. The website has the cache switched off by default so you got on it after completing your website and making it go live.

Website Performance

Before launching your website, you must know whether it is running at its peak performance and nothing is gone wrong when it goes live for the customers.


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